Thursday, December 5, 2013

IH 1206 AWD's taking over... 3 at once... and a Row Crop.

Well, I've been working on these for about 3 weeks. I'm building 3 AWD IH 1206's. One's going to California, one's going to Iowa, and the third is headed to Ontario Canada.

They certainly don't look like much before I start working on them. This is a "Satoh Beaver." I've worked with this chassis before, they are very stout little machines. Rugged, and easy to work on. The best part is they start like a dream. I had one chassis sit in the barn last winter for 5 months, climbed on it this past spring, gave it the glow plugs, and it started right up.

This is the Yanmar, she's all done and ready to be picked up and painted in Canada...

All done...

 I couldn't resist... this tractor is headed to sunny California... I doubt it will be climbing snow drifts there.

More later,

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