Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Little Tractor Co. World Headquarters...

It's kind of funny, people think I have a high tech machine shop when they see the tractors I build... I thought I'd share some pictures of my huge (875 sq. ft.) shop...

This was the first building that my Grandpa Smith and his little brother, Gus, built at this location for "Smith Brothers Farms." It was constructed in 1955, and was their shop until the mid- 1970's
I use good old farm boy ingenuity, not high tech tools... I have a plasma cutter which is worth it's weight in gold, a mig welder, and a 3' break. I also made a break for all of the radius bends. When a part gets to precise for me, I have an awesome machinist who does fantastic work. I also have a diesel mechanic who is amazing with any machine you give him.

My shop is rarely this clean... I finished the 2 Oliver's and the customer came to pick them up... So I took some photos. :)


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  1. How much do you charge for your builds of the John Deere's? Rough estimate is fine. Also what tractor do they start out as? Thank you

    1. They start about $10,000 and have gone over $20,000 depending on what I build. I use old Cub Cadets for the gas powered tractors, and Iseki's for the diesels.