Tuesday, August 14, 2012

1566 Pro Stock...

This tractor is totally the brainchild of my client. I like how he thinks... We are starting with a Cub Cadet 782D, which has a 3 cylinder Kubota diesel. That is the only part that is "normal."

Next I installed a turbocharger intended for a European "Smart Car."
All done and ready for delivery.


Monday, August 13, 2012

IH 1206 FWA (Front Wheel Assist) Diesel...

The starting point for this build is a Satoh Beaver. It is powered by a 2 cylinder diesel, has a 3 point hitch, and it is all wheel drive. I'm going to have fun with this tractor :)

This is the real tractor that I'm replicating...

My little boy, Eli really likes this tractor. When I got home from work today, he came running to me, "DADDY, OUT, TRACTOR!"
 TLTC 0001 and TLTC 0012 side by side. The machine that started it all, and my largest creation.
I got the duals and mounted them on the tractor today. I like it

I finished the rear end today. Live hydraulics, 3-point hitch, and a custom made PTO shield.

This is a video of it pulling a 12" plow. It was the strongest pulling tractor at the event. It was running 20 horse power John Deere 430's down.
Hard to believe, these two are twins... Mine, er, the one I built, looks a little more polished.
She's all loaded and ready to go to her new home in Indiana. It was a little sad, but I build them to sell them... We made a lot of memories with this tractor.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Red Power Round Up 2012

The Red Power Round Up is the national International Harvester tractor show. The location moves every year. Last year it was in Albert Lea, MN, this year it was in DuQuoin IL. My Dad and I went both years to display some little machines. This year was a huge show, with large crowds, and lots of machines.  

We had a very good time at the show. Met people from Australia, Canada, and all over the US. We had decent weather. Nothing blew away... It was hot though. Thanks to my Dad for all of your hard work and support. I couldn't ask for a better sales associate... :)

We took four more orders, two of which will be challenging and I'm really looking forward to. I now have 16 machines to build... I guess I better start hustling...

I am so thankful for the success of "Little Tractors." I am amazed at what God will do if you ask. He will provide above and beyond anything that our finite minds can imagine. I never would have dreamed that I'd build miniature tractors for a living, but that is what I'm doing. :) I get to meet the best people this country (and world) has to offer, and they are so excited with the finished product that they receive. I love my job!

This was the display,  I took this photo first thing in the morning. The booth was rarely empty. Young and young at heart loved looking at the tractors and asking questions.

 I found my FWA's Daddy in IL. There was only one FWA 1206 at the whole show.

 This picture gives an idea of what a "Pro-Stock" tractor looks like.
The pulling tractor is a mechanical twin to this little Cub Cadet. (Except for the turbo charger I installed.) Eight weeks before this picture was taken, the pulling tractor looked like the lawn mower...

 Two of my previous builds with their "Daddies."

About the Little Tractors...

       Hello, I thought I'd address a few questions about these custom, hand made, half scale tractors. ...