Monday, August 13, 2012

IH 1206 FWA (Front Wheel Assist) Diesel...

The starting point for this build is a Satoh Beaver. It is powered by a 2 cylinder diesel, has a 3 point hitch, and it is all wheel drive. I'm going to have fun with this tractor :)

This is the real tractor that I'm replicating...

My little boy, Eli really likes this tractor. When I got home from work today, he came running to me, "DADDY, OUT, TRACTOR!"
 TLTC 0001 and TLTC 0012 side by side. The machine that started it all, and my largest creation.
I got the duals and mounted them on the tractor today. I like it

I finished the rear end today. Live hydraulics, 3-point hitch, and a custom made PTO shield.

This is a video of it pulling a 12" plow. It was the strongest pulling tractor at the event. It was running 20 horse power John Deere 430's down.
Hard to believe, these two are twins... Mine, er, the one I built, looks a little more polished.
She's all loaded and ready to go to her new home in Indiana. It was a little sad, but I build them to sell them... We made a lot of memories with this tractor.

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