Sunday, September 4, 2011

Virginia "Little Tractor"

About a year ago, I spoke with a young man from Virginia who asked me if I'd consider building parts that he could assemble into a little tractor himself. I thought about it and said sure. Then we both discovered that a farm boy in Michigan could make parts, ship them to a farm boy in Virginia, and when we were all done, there would be a very nice "Little Tractor..."

I must admit that it was kind of strange to see one of "my" tractors come together that I never touched.

 Jason did a great job on this tractor, and a family friend, Calvin Davis did all of the final paint. I'm sure Jason's two son's will remember the tractor that "Daddy made" for the rest of their lives.
This is a picture Justin and Trevor with their tractor and their Grandpa's "Shiny Tractor." I'm sure they will tell their own children about the year that their "Daddy made your uncle and I our own little tractor."
I love my work! Jason, I hope you and your kids make some great memories with those tractors!


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