Monday, March 7, 2011

Mini John Deere 430

I built this 1/2 scale John Deere 430 tractor from a 1966 Cub Cadet 102. This JD was a real challenge, I had to learn how to work with fiberglass for the nose. I made an aluminum part the exact shape of the nose, and then made a fiberglass mold of it, then made a fiberglass part from the mold. The rest of the build was similar to the other 2 I've done. I have 120 hours invested in this machine.

This is not my tractor, it was built for a gentleman who lives about 20 miles from me. He saw the first 2 mini's I built (the IH 826, and JD 2030) and hired me to make this one.

This is the tractor at the end of August 2010

This is the real, full size tractor that I was replicating.

Here is the finished tractor.

This is a good shot of the hand-made, fiberglass front end, showing the quality of paint I shoot for...
This is a picture of all 3 of the mini's that I've built. The first JD has been given to a friend by my parents and I for a retirement gift. The IH is mine, and the last JD lives 20 miles from me.

After I took these pictures, I painted all of the bolts on the hood the same color as the sheet metal.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sweet Corn Wagon... sort of.

This is a half scale model of one of my Dad's sweet corn wagons. I'm using it for advertising. Every tractor show I go to, I'm going to hook them together. All 4 wheels are take offs from the mini's I've been building.

This was right after I built it. It has 800 pound of potatoes on the bed. (My Dad and brother grow potatoes.) I wanted to test it with weight before painting it in-case I had to beef it up. I drove it around the barn, over bumps, and it was good to go. So I tore it down and painted.

The sides are made out of 1/2" sign plywood.
This is what they will look like at a show. I made a light duty hitch for the plow, so I could have it mounted for the shows, and still pull the wagon.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Mini John Deere 5020

This tractor started out as a John Deere 430 diesel garden tractor. When I started this project, I had no idea how much more complicated the tractor was going to be compared to the simple machines I had built before... There is a lot to a diesel engine...

She's all done, and delivered. The owner was VERY happy.

A neighbor of my Dad has a JD 4320 that I took pictures of...

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