Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sweet Corn Wagon... sort of.

This is a half scale model of one of my Dad's sweet corn wagons. I'm using it for advertising. Every tractor show I go to, I'm going to hook them together. All 4 wheels are take offs from the mini's I've been building.

This was right after I built it. It has 800 pound of potatoes on the bed. (My Dad and brother grow potatoes.) I wanted to test it with weight before painting it in-case I had to beef it up. I drove it around the barn, over bumps, and it was good to go. So I tore it down and painted.

The sides are made out of 1/2" sign plywood.
This is what they will look like at a show. I made a light duty hitch for the plow, so I could have it mounted for the shows, and still pull the wagon.

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